Russian Factories

Imperial Russia is well known for its glorious history, the fabulous pomp of its aristocracy, and its refined arts. Less well known are the extraordinary manufactures that were created by command of the Emperors in fields as diverse as stone cutting, porcelain production, metallurgical plants, etc. Despite all of the difficulties of Russia’s history — world wars, revolutions, state nationalisations and radical economic changes — many of these factories have survived to this day, which is a testimony of the strength of their moral values & traditions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to passionately promote and transmit the values and know-how of Russian imperial factories that still exist, in order to inject a new sense of wonder in Russian production.


Many of the Imperial manufactures failed to survive Russia’s tortuous history. But the ones that did, kept a strong sense of their rich manufacturing history, traditions and values. They also symbolise a strong unity in Russia’s otherwise tortuous history: imperial Russia, communist Russia, modern Russia. Our aim is to promote this extraordinary history to the general public.


The future of Imperial Russian manufactures that still exist depends on their ability to jealously safeguard and transmit their values, traditions and know-how to the next generations. Our goal is to help this transmission.

Members of the Association